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Aircraft Maintenance Solutions, LLC


Aircraft Maintenance Solutions is a family owned and operated aircraft maintenance shop. We have over 50 years combined experience on General and Corporate Aviation Aircraft, and pride ourselves on our high standards of maintenance. Each job is performed as if it is our own families aircraft.

We feel with being pilots and aircraft owners ourselves we have a better understanding and relationship with our customers as we understand the cost of owning and maintaining an aircraft.

Steve and Dale are seasoned mechanics and IA's with extensive maintenance backgrounds. Dale is also currently a Tech Advisor for the American Bonanza Society and a DME for the FAA.


  • Both Steve and Dale have attended the ABS Maintenance Academy for Bonanza and Baron aircraft.

  • 25 years of running a full service FBO and maintenance facility in Florida.

  • 12 years building, certifying, and running a Repair Station in Virginia with major capabilities in Beechcraft flight controls, wheels, brakes, and landing gear overhauls. 

  • Last 4 years building AMS up and getting the new maintenance facilities completed at KLUA.

Maintenance schools attended include: Beechcraft King Air, Pratt and Whitney PT6, Cessna Citation, Diamond, Jetstream 31, Hawker, Continental Fuel Systems, and Rotax Engines. **This does not include aircraft accessory training schools attended.

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